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The Power of Integrated Claims and Conveyance Services

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Dramatically reducing the operating expenses and penalty risks of FHA and other Investor-backed loans through integrated processing. 



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Compliance Doesn’t Have to Be a Burden for Servicers When It Comes to Hazard, Flood and Auto Insurance

Compliance_pic-104610-edited.pngMaintaining compliance can be an overwhelming task for servicers; however, it does not have to be. Our white paper addresses the top compliance concerns for financial service companies. Because institutions must follow both state and federal regulation requirements, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Biggert-Waters Act, insurance claims management is complex. For servicers, knowing ways in which you can achieve compliance in the most efficient, effective ways can help make your burden more like a breeze.

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The Big Picture on Collateral Loss Mitigation for FHA Loans

The_Big_Picture_on_Collateral_Loss_Mitigation_for_FHA_Loans-977409-edited.pngFiling hazard insurance and investor guaranty claims can be time and labor intensive and carry a high risk of loss for noncompliance or failure to meet statutory time lines. Our white paper addresses the two areas in which servicers can effectively limit their losses on FHA loans that go into default. Because the work of filing hazard insurance and investor guaranty claims is highly specialized, it requires extensive amounts of time and labor, which servicers do not have the staff for. For servicers, having quality and experienced partners will result in lower costs, lower losses and less time spent on filing hazard insurance and investor guaranty claims.

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Product Sheets

Investor Claims 

marketing slick -investor.pngMortgage loan investors and servicers rely on DIMONT’s expertise in collateral valuation and insurance recoveries for scalable, compliant solutions that reduce the risk of losses in the collateral liquidation process. We partner with you to analyze, design and execute specialty outsourced solutions that minimize corporate advances; increase government, MI and GSE reimbursements; and reduce post-default resolution operating expenses. 

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Flood Insurance Valuation 

DIMONT-Flood-CityGraphic-300x300.pngDetermining the correct amount of coverage under a flood insurance policy takes more than the basic valuation of a home. Our flood valuation services help you avoid common mistakes to arrive at a valuation for flood insurance purposes that meets the minimum flood insurance requirements.

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